What's unique about Generation Z professionals? Future Generation Marketing investigates

What’s unique about Generation Z professionals? Future Generation Marketing investigates

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Manchester’s leading marketing experts Future Generation Marketing recognise that as Generation Z begin to start their domination of the worldwide jobs market, businesses need to look to them not only as consumers but also as leading professionals.

As Future Generation Marketing are eager to share their wisdom on defining the difference between Generation Z and their predecessors, the agency has released a statement on ways in which businesses should prepare as the young professionals begin to shape industries, worldwide.

Gen Z Process Information Differently

Generation Z is the first age group to grow up entirely with easy access to information and internet technology – they’ve never lived in an offline world. In a society where scientific research has found the possession of a smartphone to affect working memory and cognitive capacity, Generation Z is much more adaptable to change – and this is something businesses should recognise, argues Future Generation Marketing. The business is urging companies to develop their day-to-day workings, such and keeping company-wide meetings concise, opportunities to strengthen skills and incorporate internal communication online capabilities.

Gen Z Value Diversity

Generation Z is arguably cited as the most diverse workforce in modern history, in regards to backgrounds, disciplines and their acceptance of varied points of view. Many researchers have found that the level of diversity within a business is often a deciding factor on whether or not an individual accepts a role. This is an element that Future Generation Marketing is eager to emphasise, especially as a business that boasts a strong variety of individuals with varying disciplines they have long spoken about the benefits of diversifying a talent pool. The firm is eager to ensure this is something other businesses consider, not only for the success of their company but also in attracting (and retaining) top talent.

Gen Z are Eager to Learn

Future Generation Marketing has often defined Generation Z and their Millennial counterparts at the student generation. They can boast strong mentalities that are geared towards consistent development. Future Generation Marketing possesses a strong in-house skill enhancement programme which provides their young professionals with the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to succeed in the industry.

Future Generation Marketing offers a range of flexible services that can be personalised to suit their clients’ needs. Their services guarantee results, are strategically developed to suit any target demographic and comprise of scalable operating models that respond quickly to the changing market.

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