Invest in branding to attract top talent states Future Generation Marketing

Invest in branding to attract top talent states Future Generation Marketing

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Future Generation Marketing discusses the importance of good branding and how businesses can use it as a tool to attract top candidates.    

Growing businesses need to attract top talent to produce the best results, and top performers will be looking to establish a career with an ambitious employer who will invest in their professional development.  For employers or mentors to share their commitment to personal growth, it is vital to invest in branding. 

With the average jobseeker making a first impression within 5 seconds it is critical for companies looking to make an impact, to do so quickly and efficiently.   

Companies should match candidates to their values, strengths, working culture and company philosophy. 

Future Generation Marketing believes that this is an important factor in running a business and have recently offered their top three tips on how to attract top talent through smart branding: 

Promote your brand values – Brand values are key to all processes; therefore it is vital to match candidates with company ethics.  By sharing why the business was formed will offer an insight into the driving force behind current and future projects.  It would be beneficial to look at existing employee relationships, discover why people enjoy their job; and what initially attracted them to the firm versus what is keeping them motivated. 

Consistent messages – Strong leaders understand the importance of continuity it is this which allows habits to be formed and brand image strengthens.  Leading companies use key phrases to benchmark performance and incorporate these daily into the workplace.  

Take your brand online – Keep social media up to date, people like to gather a comprehensive image of a workplace before an interview. Update blogs with exciting company news and milestones.  Companies who invest in enrichment should also showcase events as these can be a determining factor in someone’s application. 

Before branding an effort to assess internal relations brands should question why people should want to work for the company, and why should they be loyal to the firm over job hopping?  Post review a brand can win the recruitment stakes and attract top talent.   

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