Future Generation Marketing’s 12-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Customer Survey

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In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must listen to what their customers think and what they want. Future Generation Marketing say: “Customers want to feel appreciated. Businesses that build a strong connection to their customers and listen to their opinion tend to be more successful than others.” One of the most effective solutions to get an inside in the consumers’ minds is creating a customer survey. “You may not always like what you discover from the responses; however businesses should hope for negative feedback,” say Future Generation Marketing. The firm believes that negative comments create opportunities for improvement and shows customers that the company really cares about them by taking their suggestions on board.

Inspired by an article on, Future Generation Marketing introduce a 12-step guide to creating an effective customer survey to find out what consumers think:

1. Define the goal of the survey
2. Select an online survey tool
3. Select a suitable template
4. Add the firm’s branding, such as logo and company colours
5. Create clear questions
6. Review and proofread it
7. Create an enticing subject line to attract people to complete the survey
8. Write an effective and personalised invitation depending on the audience
9. Create an easy link to the online survey
10. Select your target audience
11. Review and send
12. Collect, analyse and review responses

Future Generation Marketing suggest to be as specific as possible when creating the questions, keep in mind what the businesses want to achieve with the survey results. Too many questions may demotivate customers to complete the questionnaire. Therefore, Future Generation Marketing recommend businesses to ask between five to ten questions. “People are generally busy. Make it easy for them to access the survey, personalise the message to explain how important their response is for the business and be as specific as you can,” summarise Future Generation Marketing. The firm highly recommends asking consumers in person to complete the questionnaire in order to achieve high participation and most effective results for the business. Once completed, it is crucial to take the time to thoroughly analyse the data and utilise it to help the business prosper.

Based in Reading, Future Generation Marketing are a young and dynamic sales and marketing company, promoting and selling products and services on their clients’ behalf. The firm has impressed their clients over the past few months by providing a very personalised customer experience on a face-to-face basis. As a result, Future Generation Marketing achieved an increase in sales by over 25 per cent in the past three months. They are now preparing to represent their clients in at least two further locations by the end of the year.

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