Future Generation Marketing reveals the secrets to becoming a master communicator.

Future Generation Marketing reveals the secrets to becoming a master communicator.

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Communication is critical to success in business; Future Generation Marketing urges everyone to assess if they are fine-tuning their communication skills to match personality types. 

Successful salespeople are fantastic communicators; their ability to interpret signals from potential customers will allow them to tailor their approach and maximise their ability to achieve a positive result.  Future Generation Marketing is experts in their field, working with big brand clients they have established a reputation for developing long-lasting customer relationships and boosting market share for their customers.  An essential element of their coaching surrounds the ability to identify a person’s personality colour and how best to communicate with them. Future Generation Marketing reveals the foundations on which they lie their training on: 

Identify the individual as a colour, or two: 

Each person can usually be identified initially as a colour, their colour relates to their communication and personality style. 

  • Red– Initially interpreted as rude, as they are blunt, strong-willed and direct.


  • Yellow– Powered by the desire to help others, often very emotional and caring, will help others even if inconveniencing themselves.


  • Green– A person who needs to consider varying angles before arriving at a decision, enjoys knowing a lot.


  • Blue– An impulsive speaker, often thinks after communicating will always voice their opinion.


Knowing the colours is not enough, it is vital to success to identify each person’s primary and secondary colour.  Confusing a person’s colour can be destructive to a relationship as communication will be ineffective and frustrating to both parties.  A ‘red’ person will need direct and precise contact, whereas a yellow would benefit from a subtler approach.  Green would respond best to an educational proposal before any decisions being forced and a blue would often need to be revisited post communication to reaffirm decision. 

Secondly, it is vital to consider the content of the conversation, try not to speak for speaking sake, it can create conflict or additional pressure that may not be required. A quick way to consider validity is to ask:  

Is my statement honest? Does this cover what I am trying to say? Will this enrich their life? It is vital to think about the words being used.  Do they send the right signals to the person; do they make the information clear and is it possible to develop a relationship positively in relation to the person colour.  

Future Generation Marketing always stands by the phrase “don’t listen to respond, listen to understand to achieve maximum results from each connection”. 


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