Future Generation Marketing responds to McVities Campaign on Brand ‘purpose’

Future Generation Marketing responds to McVities Campaign on Brand ‘purpose’

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Future Generation Marketing has long displayed the importance of brand purpose, conveying this to both consumers and clients alike. Therefore, the firm has responded to a recent re-launch by confectionary giant McVities, how they’re kickstarting their ‘Sweeter Together’ campaign and its importance to the consumer landscape.

Confectionary giant McVities has this year launched their ‘Sweeter Together’ campaign (March, 2018) which takes a focus on the issue of loneliness in an attempt to align themselves with modern culture and consumer consensus. The campaign cost a staggering £10 million and is credited with the brand’s current aim to modernise the traditional image of the business.

This is about really giving McVitie’s a role in society,” explained Sarah Heynen, Vice President of marketing at McVitie’s owner Pladis UK & Ireland. This new twist on a modern classic that has been around since 1830 is a lesson all companies, old or new should take on board argues Future Generation Marketing.

In a statement made by the marketing experts, the ‘Sweeter Together’ campaign focuses on many modern issues plaguing society such as loneliness in a digital landscape, and how their recognised and trusted brand can help to bridge this sense of alienation.

This direction has been taken on with an aim to entice younger generations, research conducted by Mintel has found that UK-based sale of biscuits is still on a steady rise, covering £1.7bn in 2017. This is a figure that McVities are playing into, argues Future Generation Marketing – claiming that research into consumer statistics is essential in driving a business forward. The firm are strong advocates of consulting market research and conduct such studies for each and every one of their high-profile clients.

It is essential for brands to listen to their customers, and this completely new direction for McVities proves they’re doing just that. Adaptability and modernisation is something every company needs to look towards,” stated a company spokesperson for Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing are the outsourced sales and marketing specialists eager to inspire and encourage other SMEs within the industry to think about more than their business model. The firm are hopeful their latest statement with convey the importance of creating a lasting and meaningful brand purpose that will inspire clients, contractors, and consumers to trust a company on a higher and more personal level.

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