Future Generation Marketing respond to Pizza Giant's focus on Offline Marketing

Future Generation Marketing respond to Pizza Giant’s focus on Offline Marketing

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Direct sales and marketing firm Future Generation Marketing have released a statement in response to a recent declaration made by pizza giant, Domino’s. The company has revealed how despite the fact digital marketing makes up 80% of its sales, offline advertising remains at the heart of Domino’s marketing strategy.

Domino’s has a heavy focus on their digital advertising, yet they understand that offline advertising remains at the core of the business, and is ultimately the most effective way to connect with new and existing customers.

In a recent interview, Tony Holdway the Sales and Marketing Director for Dominos has detailed the firm’s current focus on their non-digital advertising, identifying how this can have a more effective result on their communication. The business is focusing on personalisation, an aspect that Future Generation Marketing highlights in each of their unique campaigns.

Aspects of Domino’s non-digital marketing methods include partnerships such as sponsoring significant events and companies that play into annual events, such as sporting competitions. Holdway explores this in further detail, describing how the business taps into consumers lives, through popular culture events such as the World Cup. “The key passion points for customers are things like sport – football in particular – and the big events when the family sit down,” states Holdway.

Future Generation Marketing takes a strong customer focus, and have responded well to Domino’s attention on the family aspect, recognising that understanding a consumer in this manner is the first step in becoming a household name.

“Strong levels of customer service and personalisation are the cornerstones of our business, and we’re eager to share this common focus with Domino’s. We believe that offline marketing remains the most effective form in generating return custom, we’re hopeful this latest statement from Domino’s will encourage other SMEs to pour more into traditional routes of advertising,” states a spokesperson for Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing is the outsourced sales and marketing specialists that strive for perfection and personalisation. The business operates via face-to-face campaigns that encourage in-person interaction and traditional routes of offline marketing, a significant focus on the firm. It is due to this that Future Generation Marketing is pleased to hear of big name brands such as Dominos acknowledging the effectiveness of such offline methods, and is hopeful this is the first step in a string of large enterprises investing more into offline marketing.

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2018/07/06/dominos-marketing-strategy/


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