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Future Generation Marketing release their five commandments on becoming a better leader

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Sales specialists Future Generation Marketing urge all leaders to improve how they approach their teams, following their simple five step ‘how to’ guide everyone can become a better leader, says the firm.

When managing a team, it can be easy to be complacent, with targets to be delivered, and the focus can be to place pressure onto maximise production.  Future Generation Marketing is experienced in running effective yet straightforward campaigns and believe their commitment to becoming effective leaders is behind their sustained success.  Future Generation Marketing recently ran a workshop designed to educate their developing contractors on improving their leadership qualities.

Future Generation Marketing release their five commandments on becoming a better leader:

  1. As you don’t do much of the actual work, focus on making life easier for your teams, rather than harder – Systematically look at the processes, see if any areas can be streamlined. If none are apparent, discuss with team members any areas which are time-consuming and ask for any suggestions where they feel improvements could be made.
  2. Your team of experts probably knows more about their job than you, so stop telling them how to do it – Avoid micromanaging at all costs, try operating an open-door policy where people can raise any queries and ask for help. Remembering people were brought on board for a reason, let them shine.
  3. If you give a job to people who do not have the skills, the time, or the tools to do it properly, then it’s your fault if they fail – take the time to get to know where people’s confidence and skillset lies, assign tasks accordingly to produce the best results. Always check each person has the resources to complete the task at hand.
  4. Mistakes happen – it’s how people learn. If you punish everyone who makes a mistake, then people will stop trying – Always reward effort, take the opportunity in circumstances of failure to find a lesson to learn. People who don’t feel supported when they try new things will never develop new skills.
  5. It costs you nothing to say, “good job, well done,” and it might encourage people to do it again. A well-rounded leader knows that recognition is the best tool they have to gain leverage. Don’t forget to mention everyone who helped reach a goal regardless of how small their part may have been.  Recognise the effort throughout a project internally to ensure everyone feels valued and for mutual respect to be built.
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