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Future Generation Marketing outlines how a sports mind-set can help you be successful

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Sales and marketing firm, Future Generation Marketing has recently been researching into how a sporting mind-set can help a person become successful in a business environment.

Future Generation Marketing has highlighted their belief that people with sports backgrounds are more likely to become really successful in business and specifically within the sales and marketing industry. The firm has pointed out that the sales and marketing industry can be tough both physically and mentally but often people with a sports background can overcome these challenges to be a success. Sports people are naturally competitive and want to win. This is a great ethic for sales because it’s all about closing the deal and winning the customer, believes Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing have supported their beliefs with their research which uncovered that 95% of Fortune 500 executives participated in high school athletics. On top of this, a recent survey of a hundred randomly selected CEOs of the UKs five largest companies found that 46% of CEOs had won awards for their athletic prowess whereas only 23% had accumulated awards for academic achievement. 71% of these CEOs also believed that compulsory sports at school had shaped their business intelligence in a positive way.

The sales firm have recently offered motivational talks to their crew surrounding how a sports mind-set and sporting background can help a person to become successful by applying the skills learnt in sports to a business environment. Future Generation Marketing have also taught their team how the power of positive thinking can also have a huge impact on a person’s success. The firm hopes that the team can combine these skills in order to be hugely successful in their industry.

Future Generation Marketing believes that there are several key skills that are needed to be successful in business, including a strong sense of teamwork, individual leadership skills, good communication skills, a competitive nature and understanding the reward of hard work. The firm believes that all of these skills can be learnt through sports. Most sporting events require a person to work as part of a team, but they must also learn to master their own individual skills and lead that team to success. Communication is vital in sport, whether it is with other team members or a coach or manager, it is important to get communication right in order to succeed. Sports people are naturally competitive and have a strong desire to win, this is crucial in today’s business environment as there is an ever-growing number of businesses that consumers can choose from. Sports people also learn that when they work and train hard they will reap the rewards by winning the match or beating a personal best. Learning that hard work leads to rewards is crucial for those hoping to become a success in the business world.

Future Generation Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Reading. The firm specialises in developing unique direct marketing campaigns which are implemented on behalf of their clients’ brands. The campaigns are taken directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing techniques in order to create long-lasting and personal connections between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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