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Future Generation Marketing host company seminar on shortcuts to entrepreneurial success

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Manchester-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Future Generation Marketing recently hosted a business seminar on entrepreneurial success. Here, the company shares some shortcuts on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Direct marketing specialists, Future Generation Marketing have always been supporters of entrepreneurship. Based in Manchester, the firm has seen a changing trend over the years as more people are turning away from traditional routes of employment and towards entrepreneurship and owning their own business. Here the firm outlines the shortcuts to entrepreneurial success, which they recently covered in a business seminar held at the business’s office.

Quit your job – entrepreneurship is about taking thousands of small risks, and the first one is to leave the job that will be holding you back from achieving your dream as a business owner.

Find a mentor – most entrepreneurs don’t go it alone and often share their success with the mentors that they have had.

Connect with other entrepreneurs – spend more time with positive, driven and motivated individuals; the bug will soon catch on.

Sell what you are good at – entrepreneurs sell stuff; whether it’s themselves, an idea, product, a dream, it is important to pick one thing and start selling.

Grow a personal brand – an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset is their own brand; give an individual a platform, credibility and an audience. Developing a personal brand will jumpstart the entrepreneurial journey.

Future Generation Marketing help to mentor and support the next generation of young entrepreneurs. They offer a unique business development opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to begin at an entry level sales role and through continuous self-development, hard work and motivation (supported by Future Generation Marketing) they can develop their skills to go on and run an extension of the brand. Seminars such as this, help to coach the relevant skills in sales, marketing, leadership, public speaking, finance, management and motivation.

Future Generation Marketing is a direct marketing specialist that represent their client’s products and services, taking them directly to customers. The fruitful and ambitious firm create winning marketing campaigns to meet the ever changing and demanding needs of customers and clients. The company uses a face-to-face method to make sure they understand the customer’s needs, therefore being able to provide an efficient solution through selling a suitable product or service.


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