Future Generation Marketing Explores ways to avoid unconscious bias in talent acquisition

Future Generation Marketing Explores ways to avoid unconscious bias in talent acquisition

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As a business that strives to give all candidates equal opportunities and development options, Future Generation Marketing has commented on the recent declaration of a local digital record label.

A Salford-based record company has decided to ban prospective candidates from including their education history on applications in order to avoid unconscious bias. Future Generation Marketing comments on their admiration of such a stance – particularly in an industry that is notoriously dominated by the privately educated.

In response to the news, Future Generation Marketing is urging other businesses to review their interview processes, recognising areas in which bias can be a prominent feature in decision-making. The marketing specialists have subsequently released a statement detailing ways in which they ensure all candidates are given equal focus and opportunities.

Future Generation Marketing is passionate about ensuring all candidates that walk through their doors are able to demonstrate their skillsets, and the business does not solely rely on a one-to-one interview. The agency demonstrates a unique interview process, providing the individual with the chance to observe a typical day in the industry, display their skills and then eventually conduct a one-to-one interview with the firm’s Managing Director.

“We find that our unique process allows individuals of all personality types to really shine, we’re then able to decide whether they will fit in with our business, culturally – our decisions are not based just on experience,” stated a spokesperson for Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing is proud to boast a foundation of contractors with a vast array of backgrounds and experience in various disciplines. The firm is eager to ensure that a university degree is not essential as they are enthusiastic about providing exposure to workshops and seminars to enhance understanding of the industry.

“As long as an individual can display a passion for our industry, strong communication abilities and a fun team-focused personality we are willing to give them the chance to prove themselves. We’re hopeful that other firms will heed our warning and really dissect their recruitment processes to avoid unconscious bias as much as possible,” concluded the spokesperson.

Future Generation Marketing offers the traditional direct marketing form of meeting and interacting with consumers face-to-face. In a digital age, customers still crave personalised marketing, and this method delivers that level of personalisation.





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