Future Generation Marketing discusses how Brands can Maximise their Customer Service

Future Generation Marketing discuss how brands can maximise their customer service

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“Brands that aren’t efficient and savvy with their customer service are going to fall victim to the multitude of startups that fold in their opening year,” declare Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing boasts years of excellence and experience in a customer-centric industry, and as such is consistently leading workshops and seminars on the topic. The firm has recently focused on emerging and developing trends that are aimed to tackle poor customer service levels that can ultimately damage a business.

A recent study conducted by Engine Service Design found that almost 60% of those surveyed detailed a desire for brands to operate with honesty, ensuring full transparency. Researchers also found that speedy responses and knowledge on the brand and/or service ranked highly.

Also pinpointed important trends that are aiding businesses to achieve the needs and desires of their consumers, an element that Future Generation Marketing is eager to cover in their consistent quest to perfect their customer experience.

Businesses that are able to offer services that align with a ‘value-driven’ ethos do well with customers argue Future Generation Marketing, encouraging transparency and trust. The firm explores the example of Barclays Bank, who are currently running a citizenship programme that provides young professionals with the support to find employment.

“By providing such a service, Barclays is able to enhance their focus on their core values across all aspects of the business. This initiative is one that provides customers with the trust and faith in the company that will ultimately enhance their view of the business. This is an aspect we would encourage all new businesses to adopt, even on a smaller scale – living by such values will encourage customers to value their services,” stated a spokesperson for Future Generation Marketing.

Future Generation Marketing is the Manchester-based direct marketing agency that is eager to improve the UK’s customer service levels, as such the firm is passionate about inspiring new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs into creating great businesses that will stand the test of time. The company is hopeful that their latest statement will encourage young enterprises to think more strategically about their customer offerings, and how elements across the board can impact a consumer’s opinion and loyalty of a brand.


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