Future Generation Marketing comments on Manchester's Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Future Generation Marketing comments on Manchester’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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‘The Manchester economy is booming, and that’s down to the strong community of entrepreneurs in our city,’ declares Future Generation Marketing. The business has responded to a recent article by the Manchester Evening News, in which Mayor Andy Burnham addresses the future of the city.

Manchester was a leading city in the startup scene in 2017 with a staggering 1,400 new businesses opening in Salford alone. This statistic escalated to over 5,000 across the city last year, with the figure only set to rise, as figures for 2018 are collated.

Mayor of the City, Andy Burnham is set to address Parliament and discuss the future of the city declaring that, ‘while Westminster has faced growing paralysis, Greater Manchester has been making progress and delivering results’.

This is a subject close to the heart of Future Generation Marketing, as they continue to coach and provide opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs of the city. The firm is eager to see how the rest of the UK will respond to the reflections of Mr Burnham, hopeful that Manchester will be seen as a real contender in the nation, in terms of both innovation and development.

Future Generation Marketing has developed and maintained a unique business model in which they provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skill sets and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive sales and marketing sector. The business boasts strong levels of one-to-one mentoring with industry experts, exposure to networking events and sector-focused seminars and workshops.

“Manchester is an incredible city, our startup rate is the leading region outside of London, and our entrepreneurs are amongst the most innovative in the UK. We’re excited to see where Andy Burnham plans to take our city, as we continue to develop aspiring entrepreneurs,” declared a spokesperson for Future Generation Marketing.

Mr Burnham is expected to conclude with a statement on the successes of the city, “But what gives me most confidence that we can meet our ambitious goal is that we have built a movement behind it.”

The city is one that is driving the UK startup scene, and Future Generation Marketing is eager to continue to provide education to aspirational individuals. The firm concludes their recent statement with a declaration to continue to ‘create the industry leaders of the future.’




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