Company Culture requires more than ‘casual Fridays’, declares Future Generation Marketing

Company Culture requires more than ‘casual Fridays’, declares Future Generation Marketing

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Strong company culture is not achievable overnight, declares Future Generation Marketing, who suggest businesses should look to modify their company culture through unique methods that are focused on long-term changes.

Stay True to the Company Vision:

Future Generation Marketing explores the concept of a company vision, often defined during the initial years, it can frequently become lost as talent leaves to begin their own ventures, and new professionals start. The firm advises businesses to ensure this remains at the forefront of the company, do new individuals know why the business began? CEOs should run frequent seminars aimed at inspiring their contractors, incorporating their visions and values of the business.

Praise Others – Publicly:

Future Generation Marketing are strong advocates of public praise, finding this to be a great way to ensure contractors feel both valued and inspired. Making public announcements of a job well done is excellent practice for those in leadership positions declares the firm, a great way to build the foundations of company culture.

Reward Individual’s with Dinners and Lunches – Out of the Office:

The company stresses the importance of taking crew members out for breakfast and dinner to show appreciation. Future Generation Marketing often practices this task, ensuring this takes place outside of the office and not in a usual environment – it provides an opportunity for individuals to relax before a day of hard work.

Encourage Feedback:

Future Generation Marketing recognises the importance of consistent feedback for all individuals at the company, irrespective of their status. The firm advises other agencies to ensure this is conducted quarterly – taking the appropriate steps to remedy any issues that arise, encouraging feedback on the company, Managing Director and processes currently in place. The firm explores how this will provide contractors with a sense of importance and gives them a valued opportunity to have their say on elements of the business.

Future Generation Marketing states that the above elements will help to put businesses on the path to culture-building success. Future Generation Marketing are the Manchester-based customer acquisition specialists that have truly made a name for themselves in the sales and marketing scene of the city, as such are eager to share their wisdom on company dynamics and culture.


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